Candygun Games UG brings gamers a clever new zombie game with a new twist.

I love the zombie genre, but only if it has to do with the slow-moving zombies created by George A. Romero and the late great Lucio Fulci. I still to this very day believe that Lucio Fulci’s zombies in “Zombie 2″ are the coolest-looking zombies ever to grace a movie screen.

As for the fast-moving undead, I never understood the concept of fast zombies. How can something dead move like a ninja? It makes no sense.

Candygun Games thankfully took the concept of the typical George A. Romero zombie and did something with it. Dead Block has a very unusual story, but for some reason it works for me (and hopefully for you too).

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Dead Block is set in the 1950′s when Rock ‘n’ Roll was starting to become mainstream. You had Elvis and his gyrating pelvis and the radio airwaves were changing. Basically Rock ‘n’ Roll is the reason why the undead are returning to eat the flesh of the living. That’s right, Rock ‘n’ Roll made the dead walk. It may sound odd, but the theme just works for this game.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is the ultimate weapon and it plays a huge part of the game. You will have to search for guitar equipment in order to complete level. Once you find all of the guitar equipment you will play a few chords using the controller buttons and the level ends. You have 10 different levels to play through. These levels range from a school, diner, radio studio and much more.

Dead Block features three characters. Jack is a construction worked. This character is basically the brawn of the three characters. The next is Foxy, a female police offices that has a gun at her disposal. The third is Mike, a plump boyscout that loves to suck on lollipops and set up poop traps. Each character has his or her own set of traps to use against the undead.

Traps are basically what you use to stop the undead. You can set these traps up at windows and doorways. Some of the traps will kill zombies while others can be used to slow them down. It all depends on how you want to play out the level. For instance, you can use Jack to setup the construction helmet trap. This trap makes the undead work on your side and break up furniture.

Breaking up furniture and items within each level is what help use the traps. If you break up items like wood you will be able to use the wood to board up the windows. If you find bolts while searching around, you can use them to set up the traps. The more advanced traps take a higher amount of bolts to set up. You can also find items like TV antennas and steaks to use. The TV antenna can be used to turn on a TV set and distract zombies. Each character also has what could be described as a finishing move that can be used once in a while. Once you use the finishing move, it takes a while for the finishing move to replenish.

The whole Rock ‘n’ Roll concept of Dead Block reminds me of the excellent zombie movie “Wild Zero” with Guitar Wolf. Wild Zero blended the undead with Rock ‘n’ Roll and the two concepts worked like a charm.  Dead Block uses those same two concepts and succeeds in many ways.

Dead Block simply oozes with charm. The game has a very unique look. The throwback to the 1950′s is enough for some cool nostalgia. The characters and zombies have a

The excellent soundtrack by Vampyre State Building adds to the game mood and atmosphere. I never heard of this group, but I was really impressed by the groups 1950′s  throwback sounds. You can check out one of the main songs featured in Dead Block right here.

My only disappointment about Dead Block is the lack of online multiplayer support. I honestly would have given the game an extra point (9 out of 10) if this game had multiplayer support. This type of game would have been a blast online with friends. In 2011 one has to wonder why this feature was left out? It just boggles the mind!

The Bottom Line:

Take George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” and the awesome Japanese zombie flick “Wild Zero”, throw them both in a blender and then pour the contents into a backdrop of the 1950′s with some Rock ‘n’ Roll and you have Dead Block.

I really enjoyed playing Dead Block, and I find myself going back to the game over and over again. I wish the developers would have added the option to play online with friends, and this is really missed!

Overall, Dead Block ends up being an extremely enjoyable game. It’s actually become one of my favorite Xbox Live Arcade/PSN games. Check it out today!

Dead Block








Replay Value





  • Fun Zombie Romp
  • Artistic Graphics
  • Great Music


  • A Bit Generic
  • Needs More Levels