I grew up in the 80’s, to which were the best 10 years of my life. Back in those days we did not have the Internet and mobile games like today’s kids have. What we did have were games like Maniac Mansion, Space Quest, Police Quest and The Secret of Monkey Island. These games were basically games that allowed one to explore and solve problems, while at the same time enjoying a pretty fun and often-hilarious story.

Being a fan of games like Space Quest and Maniac Mansion, I was pleasantly pleased to see a game such as “The Quiet Collection” on the Nintendo Wii U. Going into this review I am judging the games collection of its price and its fun factor. These days many seem to nitpick at every single thing wrong with a game and at the end of the day most of them totally miss the point of what a game is supposed to offer.

Nostatic Software brings us “The Quiet Collection”, a collection of four fun and often hilarious stories. You are a young girl just trying to get some sleep. But everything around you is noisy and annoying. Your little brother won’t stop following you and annoying you, the neighbor that looks like a pixel Ned Flanders won’t stop mowing his lawn, and your old man won’t turn the television down. So you set out to alter your little universe and change things so you can finally get some peace and quiet.

One of the catches though is that you can only handle one thing at a time. Your inventory is basically one item. So one example would be to find a comic book for your little brother to read. You can look around the house and pick up a comic book, but if you see a key or any other item that you may be able to use, you will have to leave it. There will be a ton of back-tracking, so it plays into the time spent on each story.

There are 4 unique stories in “The Quiet Collection”. The first is basically trying to get everything quiet so you can sleep. The second is a Halloween story, based around you trying to find a cool Halloween costume to go Trick-or-Treating. The third is a story based around Christmas. And the last takes you out of the house and to the beach with a “Vacation” theme. Each story can take up to an hour or more to complete.

“The Quiet Collection” has a very unique charm to it. The pixel graphics are very colorful and the animation and the games gameplay are all spot-on. It reminds me of Pitfall on steroids. Being a retro-junkie, I absolutely love the look of the game. Items are easy to spot and the animation is often comical (watch out for seagulls on the beach). You can use the Wii U gamepad touchscreen as well during gameplay. The game has very little in terms of a soundtrack. Instead it takes advantage of the many sounds of every day life. A lawn mower noise or the sounds of the television blaring.

You have the option to play on the television or also Off-TV play. When you choose the Gamepad Play option everything becomes larger and its more compact on the screen. Things look much larger and its easier on the eyes as compared to trying to play on both screens.

Overall I gave “The Quiet Collection” a week of gameplay. I really enjoyed each level, and I also liked how the developers are very open and responsive in Mii-Verse. That is one thing that I really enjoy, because a lot of people seem to understand how amazing and innovative the Mii-verse option is. It gives gamers a chance to connect with the developers on a social basis. It is pretty awesome being able to post and having the developer of that game comment or “like” what you posted.

“The Quiet Collection” is well worth the $4.99 price tag. It’s a good bit of content for a game that costs less than a value meal at Taco Bell. I will be going back many more times and visiting “The Quiet Collection” on my Nintendo Wii U. I hope to see more of these games in the future, and Nostatic Software is definitely staying on  my radar. You can tell there was some major retro-love put into the development of this game.

The Quiet Collection








Replay Value





  • Cheap Price
  • Throwback Graphics


  • Not For Everyone