Nostatic Software is back with another fun and nostalgic game for the Nintendo Wii U system!

It is a known fact that I am a fan of retro games as well as the Indie scene. Nostatic Software has been on my radar since The Quiet Collection hit the original Xbox 360 (Indie Games) and the Nintendo Wii U. I honestly believe that these type of games are a match made in heaven on the Wii U system.

So Nostatic Software’s latest thrill is “Kung Fu Fight”. Its a new $1.99 Indie game that is also another welcome addition to the Wii U Indie library.

Kung Fu Fight takes the look of the original Pitfall and the original Kung-Fu for the original NES and adds a little bit.trip to it. You basically are a man out for vengeance… You know, the typical kung-fu story-line. Your character basically moves forward while ducking and dodging enemies and items. You also have the ability to fight enemies that are in your way. So basically your character moves forward and make sure you press the right buttons at the right time. That is pretty much the whole basis of the game, its short, simple and to the point. Fans of the Bit. Trip series will basically love Kung Fu Fight.

There are many games out there on tablets and phones that are cookie-cutter forward jump and duck games, but most are very bland and cookie-cutter. Kung Fu Fight rises above many of these games, giving the genre a unique look and feel while also having fun. If you are a fan of the older Saturday matinee Kung-Fu shows that used to play on TV back in the 80’s you will “get” what this game is all about. Its like a nostalgia soup for the soul.

Much like The Quiet Collection, the graphics in Kung Fu Fight are a throw-back to the days of Atari, Coleco-Vision and Intellivision. The bit-blocky graphics work well and the game is colorful and bright. The game-play itself is smooth and fun. The over look and feel is satisfying. Being a huge fan of these older simplistic graphics I am glad that game companies are going back to where are roots are and giving us old-school gamers an old look yet with a new twist and a more-solid game-play system in place.

Kung Fu Fight also features off-screen play on the Wii U gamepad, which to be quite honest, it works like a charm. Much like The Quiet Collection, the game will enlarge and fir for a better game-pad experience. Instead of most games, where the games TV screen matches the game-pad screen, this game adjusts to the smaller screen and everything is much larger and more detailed.

The game also features Miiverse support, where the developer is very active in reaching out to the gamers. Once again I highly commend Nostatic Software for always taking the time to reply to people within the community. Larger game companies should really take note.

For $1.99 you actually get a pretty fun game that has some decent replay value. Show some Indie love and check out Kung Fu Fight today.

Kung Fu Fight








Replay Value





  • Cheap Price
  • Retro


  • Too Short
  • Not For Everyone